FAUMUN x BlockMUN 2023

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© Anabel Kummer

This weekend, the first Model UN conference for our FAUMUN Blockseminar took place in Nuremberg.

BlockMUN simulated the Peacebuilding Commission discussing the following topics:

I.       Addressing the Impact of Climate Change on Peace and Security
II.     Women, Peace, and Security: Ending Cycles of Sexual Violence in Conflict

The Commission was successful in adopting one common resolution by acclamation on addressing the impact of climate change on peace and security.

A huge thank you goes to our FAUMUN Training Officers who prepared the Blockseminar participants for their MUN conferences and to the BayernMUN staff who helped out the BlockMUN dais.

Next, the FAUMUN Blockseminar will participate in BayernMUN 2023 together with the FAUMUN Delegation end of February.