How do I apply?

APPLICATION PERIOD is closed. Applications for FAUMUN 2021 will start in May 2020.

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FAUMUN 2019/20

For the New York delegation of FAUMUN 2019/2020, please send us your application by July 1st, 2019 with the following documents:

  • CV / Resume (English, 2 pages maximum)
  • Convincing motivational letter (English, 1-2 pages)
  • Both as one PDF file with the following name: 2020.[Last name].[First name].pdf
  • Send to – reference: “FAUMUN 2020 Application”

Use the motivational letter to explain why you would like to be part of the FAU delegation in New York City and what you expect from your participation in the project. In addition, you should introduce yourself and describe which of the different aspects of the project you would like to focus on. Please emphasize which currently important challenges for the UN are particularly interesting to you and why.

We do not request any further documents, however, invite you to add certificates, letters of recommendation or other interesting documents to your application. If you wish to do so, please send them as a separate PDF file named 2020.[Last name].[First name].extra.pdf in your application e-mail.

You should receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application within 24 hours after sending it. If this is not the case, make sure we receive your application documents by sending them again.

You will receive a response from us by July 7th at the latest. A selection of applicants will then be invited to personal interviews. These are expected to take place end of July. After the interviews, the selection process for the delegation of 2020 will take until mid-August 2019 at the latest.

Further important information before sending your application:


  • You are a matriculated student at FAU (Bachelor, Master, doctorate, state exam etc.) A specific field of study is not required.
  • You will be 18 years or older during the winter term 2019/20.
  • Since the project also takes place during the semester break in February and March of 2020 please keep that period of time free.
  • You have a very good to excellent command of English (reading, writing, comprehension and speaking) – German is helpful but not required (some organizational aspects could be in German).
  • You are an outstanding team player driven by ambition, motivation and the will to succeed. You have a high stress tolerance and a strong working capacity.
  • You have the discipline and motivation to successfully complete the seminar.

The expenses for the project partially have to be covered by the participants. The expected participation fee is 1200€. It includes the fees for all conferences, accommodation and board (except board for NMUN in New York City). Should there be funds left after the project has ended, a partial reimbursement is possible.

For all those interested for whom the participation fee is too high, we offer an alternative program in order to bring the MUN experience to as many students as possible. The program includes the participation in the international MUN conference BayernMUN in Nuremberg. The participation fee is 69€ or 149€*. Find out more here.

How does the amount of 1200€ come about?

The preparatory conferences (incl. accommodation, conference fees and board almost throughout the entire conferences), expert fees and material for the seminar (incl. a personal binder, books, copying costs…) amount to 300€.

The largest amount is needed for the conference in New York City. 900€ include the conference fee, conference materials and accommodation. Flight costs are not included.

*The fee is not determined by the FAU, but by the conference hosts. A modification of the price through the conference hosts is unlikely, however, possible.

This year, FAUMUN will grant 3 (three) partial scholarships to students receiving Bafög (student grant issued by the german federal state). These scholarships will cover 830€ of the participation fee. The remaining fees (370€), and the flights to New York, must be paid by the applicants.


In order to apply for such a scholarship, a second, separate letter of motivation must be submitted, as well as a certificate proving the reception of such a student grant (Bafög).

As a less time consuming and less expensive alternative, we also offer a secondary program.

We are looking forward to your application by July 1st 2019!