MdB Gabriela Heinrich

Mitglied des Bundestags und Abgeordnete für Nürnberg-Nord
Mitglied des Ausschusses für Menschenrechte und Menschenrechtspolitik



As a politician and member of the German Parliament (Bundestag) I am particularly keen to give young people the enthusiasm for politics.

Model United Nations at the FAU offers opportunities to socialize, an environment conducive to professional negotiations and challenging topics.Due to its practical approach that helps the participants not only to experience the complexity of international politics, but also to get the opportunity to approach this challenge in a very realistic way.

Discussing global problems, raising awareness for social inequalities and thereby improving their own capabilities in terms of public speaking and multilateral negotiation are equally important components of this project.

The United Nations Society Nuremberg e.V. (UNSN e.V.) was founded 2012 and FAUMUN in 2007 to spread the spirit of mutual international understanding and to spread as well knowledge and interest in the work of the United Nations. I want to congratulate UNSN e.V. and FAUMUN for their achievements and expanding BayernMUN to the next level!


Gabriela Heinrich