Dr. Harald Kindermann

Generalsekretär der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP) von 2014-2017
Ehemaliger Deutscher Botschafter in Israel und Sudi-Arabien



As a former Diplomat in Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Sweden and Israel and current Secretary General of the German Society for Foreign Affairs I have come to understand that diplomatic skills and talent are necessary to succeed in a fast-paced environment which exposes us to increasing international and interconnected challenges.

In times of political unrest, it is of utmost importance to understand the diversity of cultures, religions, ethnicities and human behavior that we are facing on this planet. For this reason, I believe that FAUMUN is a unique opportunity for young leaders of tomorrow to understand complex global issues and gain intercultural competences for international cooperation. Not only can students practice their soft skills, but more important gain valuable insight into procedures and relevant topics of the UN.

Having studied Law myself at the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU), I applaud the student initiatives UNSN e.V. and FAUMUN that is led by voluntary students from the FAU who play a vital role in organizing this project. I hope to see BayernMUN, FAUMUN and The United Nations Society Nuremberg e.V. (UNSN e.V.) further flourish and wish them all the best and more success to come in the future!