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© Anabel Kummer

In January, our FAUMUN Delegation participated in EfMUN in Erfurt simulating three committees.

With one joint resolution per topic, the Security Council (upper row right, lower row left) successfully discussed both topics on the agenda, namely the situation in Afghanistan and the use of robust mandates in peacekeeping. The General Assembly (upper row center, lower row center) discussed reducing nuclear danger and was successful in adopting five out of six draft resolutions, while the Environmental Assembly (upper row left, lower row right) passed all three draft resolutions including one by acclamation on the topic of climate change and health.

The Delegation enjoyed the collaboration and company of the other attending MUN projects, namely the University of Erfurt, the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, the University Paderborn, the University Trier, the Technical University Chemnitz, and the University of Applied Sciences Fulda.