Elfenbeinküste 2015/16

Elfenbeinküste 2015/16

Projektleitung 2016 Bearbeitet


Richard Endörfer, Alexander Hoeppel



Elisa Logo Delegationsleitung: Elisa Brocksieper, Richard Endörfer


General Assembly First Committee (GA 1st)

Lisa-Marie Gärtner
Political science and French studies
FAUMUN takes over an important role in teaching students skills that are crucial for our future professional and even personal life. It brings together different students from various subjects and everyone can benefit from the synergy.
  Michael Blumenstock
Industrial Engineering
FAUMUN represents the university on a global stage. Each delegation member makes his contribution to heighten the profile of the FAU and to increase its international reputation.
General Assembly Second Committee (GA 2nd)
  Edith Eike
I wish to learn more about the working structures of the UN and the diverse topics that are being discussed. By representing a different country, I hope to switch perspectives and attain a profound understanding of diplomacy.
  Yared Teclehaimanot
Industrial Engineering
Being a leader does not always mean directing others. Being an effective leader means providing clear directions, creating an open team culture, empowering team members, developing and coaching. At least this is what I have learned in my studies. This project gives me the opportunity to put the theory into practice.
General Assembly Fourth Committee (GA 4th)
  Priya George
FAUMUN sensitizes students to global issues like International peace and security or Human Rights. It helps to make people think about what should be improved in our world. They hopefully start talking about certain issues and some might as well spring into action.
  Sebastian Scharfe
I applied for FAUMUN because I am very interested in politics especially in international relations. Furthermore I really like to meet new people from different cultures. The project will be a big chance for me to meet new people, get to know new cultures, improve my English and my negotiation skills. Moreover I think that I will learn a lot more about politics and international relations.
Habitat III – UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development
  Kristin Siebert
Franco-German Law
I am very much interested in improving my soft skills since I think these will benefit me greatly in my professional career as a lawyer but also support my personal development in an extremely positive way.
  Anja Veitz
Near Eastern Studies
FAUMUN is one of those projects which gives students the opportunity to learn something beyond theory.
UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme
  Dorothee Karbe
Franco-German Law
The possibility for university students all around the world to get together to debate and discuss current topics is a once in a lifetime chance to get to know the work of the United Nations, to meet new people from different cultures, and to prepare for a career in an international context.
  Rafael Bravo Roger
International Business Studies
In my opinion, most courses of study lack practical application and tend to focus on theory rather than the development of soft skills. One of FAUMUN’s most intriguing features is that it differs from regular university routine and thus could possibly have a huge motivational effect.
UNIDO – UN Industrial Development Organization
  Lena Lüpping
International Business Studies
FAUMUN can bring ambitious students of different subjects together while working on a common project. It thereby intensifies the interdisciplinary communication and cooperation at our university. Furthermore, FAUMUN improves our university’s international reputation and allows an interaction between various universities on a national as well as on an international level.
Mandya Aziz
International Business Studies
I have very high expectations, because I’m willing to learn a lot from the preparation program, which will be work-intensive and a challenge for the participants. I would like to improve some skills, which help me later in professional life as well – like learning how to conduct negotiations and improving my intercultural competencies.

HRC – Human Rights Council

  Sandra Rosa
Economics and American studies
I applied because the concept of realistic simulations of conferences sounds promising and challenging. It is a great way to broaden my horizon and doing something beyond normal university classes.
I wanted to push myself and step out of my comfort zone. I have seen friends of mine, who were FAUMUN delegates before, growing in such a great way personally and professionally. I am convinced that I will benefit from this program in a similar way.
  Frederik Alexander Dörr
I believe the FAUMUN could very much improve the public image of our University. A well prepared team full of young talent is the best possible spokesperson for any institution. Also, having a decent FAUMUN team could enhance the attractiveness of nearly all study programs due to the practical and hands-on characteristics of the project.
UNHCR – UN High Commissioner for Refugees
  Hannah Riemann
Political Science and English Studies
FAUMUN offers students a great alternation to the everyday life of university and a way to acquire important soft skills that are useful in a later career. FAUMUN has an impact on the university in so far as that it gives students the chance to acquire important practical skills and therefore can be seen as a counterpart to the theoretical knowledge students learn at university.
  Chigozie Collins Nweke-Eze
Development Economics and International Studies
FAUMUN increases cooperation among students from different disciplines at our university. It is also a chance for the university to showcase its high reputation to the international community.
PoA SALW – Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons Biennial Meeting of State
  Miriam Puchta
Franco-German Law
I like to look at an issue from every angle. Therefore, I am intrigued by the idea of representing another country and thus not viewing a problem from a German perspective, but from the point of view of another country. FAUMUN is a unique program and an exceptional opportunity to focus on my interests in politics, diplomacy and intercultural exchange.
  Arne Niitsoo
Communication & Multimedia Engineering
I think FAUMUN gives me the opportunity to grow personally and to gain a deeper understanding of how decisions are made on a higher level.

Mandatory Program


BayernMUN Country:Russia


  Kani Rasul
International Business Studies
I believe being confronted with extraordinary situations like writing and delivering speeches and convincing people within minutes as a great opportunity to improve my skills.
  Vanessa Schilling
Finance, Auditing, Controlling, Taxation
I am willing to challenge myself, to learn more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, to work hard for the success of our team, and to finally represent our university with pride on an international level.
BayernMUN Country: Brazil


  Monserrat Martínez Munoz
Development Economics and International Studies
I expect to improve my presentation as well as my negotiation skills. At the end of my participation I would like to be able to stand in front of a group, convince them of my ideas and also get their attention while presenting. Moreover, I hope to learn a lot from my co-delegates, I am sure that each of us will contribute to an enriching experience for all of us.
  Andreas Blank
Chemical and biological engineering
FAUMUN brings together students from all parts of the university, so it enhances the interdisciplinary communication and the understanding for decisions made by people from other subjects. This point can only be achieved by a few organizations within the FAU.
BayernMUN Country: Cuba
  Katharina Adler
International Business Studies
I applied because I wanted to experience something completely new, something big and amazing. This program contains so many aspects I am keen on doing, like learning how to deliver speeches within a few minutes, experiencing the United Nations’ work and surpassing myself.
  Gregor Geis
Through the interdisciplinary approach, with students from all ranges of studies and faculties participating, the project combines different viewpoints and approaches to complex issues. Thus, students have the opportunity to learn from each other and gain experience by becoming acquainted with different methods or thinking outside the box, from which everyone can benefit.
BayernMUN Country: Canada
  Christine Hingerl
MA Political Science
The delegates represent the FAU at two international MUN conferences – the bayernMUN in Bavaria and the NMUN in New York. University students from all over the world participate in these conferences. For us as the delegation of 2016, it is a great chance to continue the outstanding performance of the previous years’ delegations. Numerous awards which the FAUMUN participants have received since 2009 and countless media reports demonstrate the success and the excellence of the FAU delegation.
  Shajeeshan Lingeswaran
Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering
By bringing together students from different fields of study, FAUMUN offers a unique opportunity to work together as a team and thereby to represent the university on an international platform.
BayernMUN Country: Turkey
  Neonila Glukhodid
Political Science and Theater- and Media Science
Iexpect myself to work hard to achieve set objectives and overcome difficulties. I hope I will not only fulfill the common goals of cooperation and soft skills development, but will also have a possibility to train my will and spirit and to challenge myself in intense situation.
  Thomas Hohnholz
Political Science and Common Law
I see the project as a great chance to work on personal skills such as self-presentation, rhetoric or team-work. It is also a great chance to understand the workings of diplomacy and how agreements are negotiated and agreed on.


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