FAUMUN Berlin trip | BMVg

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© Anabel Kummer

The Federal Ministry of Defense was our first stop on the third day of our FAUMUN study trip to Berlin. After going through security, our Delegation was welcomed by two soldiers of the German Bundeswehr. Excitingly, before our program started, we got to witness a state welcome on the ground outside of the building which was an incredibly thrilling experience for all our Delegates.

The talk commenced with an introduction to the German armed forces, their duties, history, as well as their capabilities. After a short break, the floor was opened to questions from our Delegation. During our time we got to discuss topics like (mandatory) military service, the Ukraine conflict, UN peacekeeping missions, budgetary issues, and disarmament. Their insights were highly thought-provoking and showed us the armed forces from a different perspective.

Afterward, delegates even got to ask some more questions one-on-one about topics like how to combine joining the armed forces while having a family or their perspective on women in the military.

A wholehearted thank you goes to the BMVg for welcoming our Delegation and to the two soldiers for taking the time to answer all of our questions which allowed our FAUMUN Delegation to see the armed forces from a different light and understand their duties and abilities better.