FAUMUN Berlin trip | Japanese Embassy

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© Anabel Kummer

As a part of our FAUMUN Berlin trip, we visited the Japanese Embassy and were privileged to gain insights directly from a Japanese diplomat. He delved into the intricate details of Japan’s stance on various global issues, providing a deep dive into the country’s diplomatic endeavors. He shed light on Japan’s collaborative efforts with the G4 nations, its strategic relations with Western countries, and its intricate dynamics with neighboring states. He further explored Japan’s strategic security engagements and its impactful role within the global south.

Further enriching our discussion, he highlighted Japan’s adept use of soft power — manifested through its globally celebrated anime, revered culinary heritage, and booming tourism industry — as a pivotal element of its international influence. He also discussed Japan’s leadership in cutting-edge technology, showcasing the country’s commitment to innovation and its role as a global trendsetter in technological advancements. This aspect of Japan’s diplomacy, leveraging both its cultural appeal and technological advancements, presented us with a nuanced understanding of how nations can extend their influence beyond traditional diplomatic channels.

Engaging in a comprehensive Q&A session, he generously addressed all our questions related to Japan, significantly aiding in our preparation for the upcoming NMUN conference 2024.

This session not only deepened our understanding of Japan’s foreign policy but also equipped us with nuanced perspectives for more effective negotiation and collaboration strategies at the conference.