FAUMUN Berlin trip | ZIF

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During an enlightening session at the Centre for International Peace Operations | Zentrum für Internationale Friedenseinsätze (ZIF), as part of the FAUMUN Berlin trip, we delved into the intricate world of global peacekeeping efforts. We learned about the surprisingly small yet significant contribution of Japan, with only four officers dedicated to peacekeeping missions worldwide. Highlighting the complexities and challenges of international peace efforts, the session also provided a unique opportunity to hear firsthand experiences from peacekeeping operations in Libya, offering profound insights into the realities faced on the ground in conflict zones. We are convinced that such exposure to real-world peacekeeping challenges and strategies not only enriches our diplomatic toolkit but also is invaluable for our preparation and representation of Japan at the upcoming NMUN conference, allowing for more sophisticated negotiation and collaboration strategies during the conference.

Our thank you goes out to Dr. Hansen for taking the time and introducing us to her work!