FAUMUN 2024 Delegation Day

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© Anabel Kummer

FAUMUN 2024 Delegation Day

Last Sunday, our FAUMUN Delegation 2024 came together in Erlangen for the annual Delegation Day. A day filled with fun teambuilding exercises and lots of laughter. Firstly, the Delegates were divided up into smaller teams in which they would navigate the activities ahead. In those groups, they took part in a city-scavenger hunt, where the Delegates not only got to explore the culture of Erlangen but were also presented with a series of unique challenges to complete on the way. These challenges ranged from creating memes, solving crossword puzzles, or guessing a UN Member State to solving a tricky code. Whether it was a complex puzzle or a creative challenge, the Delegates had to rely on each other’s strengths and talents to tackle all these trials together.

As the day progressed the bond between the Delegates grew stronger over shared experiences which serve as the building blocks for lasting friendships for which FAUMUN is renowned for. After all teams successfully completed their tasks, we met again in the Schlossgarten and enjoyed some tea and coffee while talking about our experiences of the day. Not before taking a group picture, of course, we went off to dinner together where we exchanged stories, experiences, and laughs.

Overall, FAUMUN 2024 Delegation Day was a great way to experience unity, teamwork, and forging connections. It undoubtedly strengthened our bond as a Delegation and will remain in the memory of all who participated.

A big thank you goes out to the Head Delegates Julia and Kai for organizing and spending this day with us.