FAUMUN Expert Lecture by Prof. Dr. Krajewski on International Law

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© Anabel Kummer

For the FAUMUN 2024’s first expert lecture, Prof. Dr. Krajewski introduced the delegates of the FAUMUN Delegation and the FAUMUN Blockseminar to the basics of public international law explaining its sources, subjects, and implementation as well as most importantly for our delegates the function and role of the UN and its main bodies in international law.

He moved on to discussing a current case where public international law plays a role, by diving into an in-depth discussion about the current Israel-Palestina conflict. The delegates were able to ask arising questions, understanding the origin of the conflict and what the possibilities for international law and the UN are.

Thank you to Prof. Dr. Krajewsky for taking the time to answer all our questions and giving us an insight into public international law.