FAUMUN 2018 Delegation Day

Contrary to the first official meeting, which introduced the program, the Delegation Day gave the 20 students of the FAUMUN delegation the opportunity to go beyond the formal aspects of the project: it was all about forming a bond between the participants, because as a team you are stronger than as lone wolves. Business outfits were left at home and instead sneakers and jeans found their way to the venue to create a relaxed and fun starting point for everything that followed. We were promised a joyful but exhausting day of city tripping – and we were not disappointed.

Without wanting to give too much information away, think about your best childhood memories and a lovely game of snakes and you might just be able to grasp what this day had in store for us. There was definitely a lot of laughter and happy tears, so games are clearly the way to go in this aspect. Through this you were able to see a different side of your co-delegates, something only possible if you swirl around the room pretending to be a helicopter. After lunch things got a little bit more competitive, maybe to prepare us for the upcoming conferences, which had the one or the other unpleasant surprise for us, apart from the overwhelmingly positive ones obviously. Nonetheless, in prospect of a price some of us showed their devious side, rules were bent and contacts used. But then again which delegate does not and you will learn soon that the best deals are cut over lunch. After running, solving riddles and negotiating with shop owners, our feet hurt but all of us ended up knowing their way around Erlangen and Nuremberg, more or less voluntarily.

The grand finale took place in Nuremberg and the evening was spent at Five Diner, which was the perfect opportunity to indulge in conversations over a variety of tasty burgers and cocktails. All in all, the delegation day was a fun day, which you would not want to miss, and helped us grow into the outstanding delegation that we aim to be. Not only were we able to further get to know our co-delegates, but also had the chance to get acquainted with the organization team, which made working together much easier.

by Janina Ludwig